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Naviganti e Sognatori blossoms from the need to share with you the passion for Beauty, for colour and for a personal delicate style.

The result is a feminine and playful showcase, suspended in the web and rich with nuances.

The illustrations depicting our merchandise are mostly hand-drawn, because I believe that all the creativity, be it an idea, an intuition, or a masterpiece, originates from here.

Moreover, it is my belief that the world is divided into people drawn by pencil and people drawn with a felt pen.

The “pencil drawn” people, the ones that we at Naviganti e Sognatori have a preference for, are the Artists, the Creative Designers, the Artisans rendered extraordinary by their fragile, faint contours.

They are the ones that believe in the desire evoked by a stroke of their pencil, in their needs which are transformed into Virtues by the sweeping rubber.

Those "felt pen” people are the conformist ones: the ones that never change their mind and who ignore that Art is a profound need.

I adore the enthusiasm of colour, which has always tainted my life with magic and I believe that everything is a matter of hues and shades.

The catalogue consists of: Bracelets, Handbags and Purses, Headbands, Belts, Necklaces, Earrings, Small Pottery, Scarves and Brooches Accessories of high quality 100% Made in Italy and major brands such as: Benedetta Bruzziches, Exquisite j, Les jeux des dames,, Majo, Maria La Rosa, MV% Ceramics Design, Sud.

Thus, Dear Sailors, we wish you a warm welcome, and… let the journey begin!

Laura Cagnucci

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