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Francesca Nicchi

Francesca Nicchi, aka Nikki, lives in Gubbio, Italy.

Graduated in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Perugia, after several experiences in various sectors, such as fashion and craftsmanship of objects and accessories, since 2013 she devotes more attention to the creation of works using fabrics and recycled materials.

In December 2013, together with the artist Marta Fofi, she strated the project " La tela integrata ": using the artistic act and the fabric as integrating tools and unifying experiences and relationships.

Francesca's artistic universe is poetic, light and feminine: since she was a child she loves the poetry of objects, the needle and the thread that give life to stories of delicate fabric and embroidery.

"I like to be amazed after a job well done"
"I like to work and while I'm working I listen to the suggestions of the hands, because they know how things are"
"I like to redefine the boundaries of things by imagining them in different contexts"
"I like to think that I can make poetry through an object and the spark is always the simplicity of everyday life and nature".

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