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Forte Forte

Forte_forte is a collection designed and produced in italy by Giada and Paolo Forte: this way, the family name becomes the brand’s name. the two siblings live in great harmony, orchestrating between them very different experiences: Giada, the heart and soul of the brand, graduated in knitwear design at Nottingham Trent University, in England; she worked as a fashion designer in Paris and Italy. Paolo is the backbone of the company; after years studying economy, he first worked in his family’s knitwear business, collaborating with luxury brands, and expanded his professional experience in London and New york.

After years of training and building up different experiences in Italy and abroad, Paolo and Giada feel the need to seek something special and unique, capable of reflecting their personality: pure, essential, sincere, filled with emotions. Back in Veneto, in their family's house, located in a traditional “savoir-faire” area of the fashion district, they are capable of combining craft and industrial organization. this is how, in 2002, Forte_forte was born: a collection of timeless pieces, feminine and delicate, produced with the finest italian fabrics and enriched with special finishes and precious hand-made details. Every collection represents a fascinating story, evolving along the years a sentimental expression of passion and emotion.

Forte_forte is a registered trademark of Forte_forte srl.

95,90 €
Comfy vest top in precious powder pink lisle Side small pocket Made in Italy by Forte-Forte It matches with the powder pink shirt o with the cardigan in high-tech tulle

93,44 €
Delicious handmade necklace with bordeaux crystals and fabric Created in Italy logo tag

84,43 €
Two handmade necklaces in metal, fabric and lemon crystals Made in Italy by Forte-forte logo medal
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