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Exquisite j

The project started in 1993 in Milan from a lucky encounter between Giancarlo Ferrari, an artist graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Francesco Bonamano, graduate student in architecture at the Milan Polytechnic.
Indeed initially the company was called "Junk", since the line was inspired by the re-use of materials such as dried dehydrated flowers and tin cans:, thus, ironic jewellery and small bags come to life.

In 1996, the brand name is mentioned for the first time in the Dictionary of Fashion by Guido Vergani.
Over the years, Giancarlo and Francesco have cultivated various stylistic experiences in the field of accessories, working with Jigsaw, Sazaby, Marina Spadafora, Callaghan, Romeo Gigli, Fiorucci, Lanvin and theater productions such as the Teatro Franco Parenti.

In 1998 they presented their first real collection Exquisite j, that meets the approval of some of the most prestigious international buyers such as Barneys, Bergdorf & Goodman, Takashimaya, Lane Crawford, Bus Stop, Tomorrow Land, Victoire.
The contemporary style of the collection is dictated by the use of natural and feminine materials, and the high degree of craftsmanship of each single item.
In particular, the creation of the amusing and refined belts begins with a creative reuse of materials; for example the structure of the belt is made with rubber bands which are commonly used for suspenders. The motifs of the buckles instead recall the passion for the world of vintage costume jewellery, so much as to be defined "living jewels".

The scarves, in soft linen gauze or wool scarf, are entirely painted and embroidered by hand. Then dried on wooden frames.
The inspiration comes from the love for colour and painting, following abstract art, Russian Deconstructivism and Rothko.
Embroidery with sequins and felted wool embellishes the soft shawls, for a great result.
And then small bags of suede, leather and raffia with contrasting colours; shopping bags made of enlivened linen with brushstrokes of resin.
A sophisticated and feminine style, entirely produced in Italy.

67,21 €
EXQUISITE J short gloves in melange wool with scottish wool insert made in Italy, craftsmanship

20,49 €
socks Exquisite J in warm cotton with light blue and burgundry stripes high quality artisan product

67,21 €
Exquisite J low belt in gray elastic and buckle with multicolored crystals fashion accessory made in Italy, handmade product

71,31 €
Exquisite J belt with central row of purple, red and yellow crystals made in Italy, craftsmanship

72,95 €
Exquisite J waistband in waxed and elastic cotton with central black crystals made in Italy, craftsmanship
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