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Clotilde Silva

The company has a long family tradition and over a century of manufacturing experience in the creation and production of fashion bijoux.
The brand was founded in 1875 under the name Unger, specializing in the sale of elements for the creation and decoration of high fashion items. The headquarters, the design office and the company showroom are located in Milan, via Montevideo 7; since 1991, the Milanese sales point of the brand has been added to Piazza Baracca 10.

In 1875 the two Viennese brothers founded the Unger brand, importing precious elements for embroidery and decoration from Bohemia.
In 1900 the brand was acquired by Benigno Rossi for his consort Clotilde Silva.
At that time the distribution was aimed at fashion accessories, decoration for corsets and costume jewelery. In those years, the main office was located in via S.M. Fulcorina. The store sold rare glass elements from Bohemia and Venice, the latter a great source of pride for the company.
Between 1960 and the 1980s, the brand's guide goes to Ms. Dora Rossi, (daughter of Clotilde Silva); thanks to its enormous creativity, she further develops the Unger brand, acquiring important market sectors.
In 1990 the "Clotilde Silva" line has been created and Maria Pia Rossi becomes the creative director of the brand, continuing the family tradition in the search for style and quality, acquiring customers from all over the world.

Bright light blue pendant earrings with decorated glass pendants Handmade in Italy

pretty long necklace with semi finished rosary processing technique and ligh pink double pendant Handmade in Italy

Pretty long necklace with semi finished rosary processing technique and double pendant  Handmade in Italy

Choker with big and small drops in faux leather and coloured resins Created by craftsmen in Italy

Pretty red choker in faux leather with drops  Handmade in Italy

Pretty choker with three flowers (purple, celeste, cream color) in crystals and coloured resins Created by craftsmen in Italy

Pretty Clotilde Silva choker in faux leather and coloured resins flowers  Created by craftsmen in Italy

Funny tubular bracelet with magnet closure wire inserts and contrasting stones Created artisanally in Italy

Fun tubular bracelet with wire and stone inserts in contrasting colors 100% made in Italy
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