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Carla Perretti

Carla Perretti began her career in the fashion as a stylist, in New York and then in Italy, working for Jane, Elle and Glamor.

In 2001 he left the past to devote herself to his true passion, the creation of bijoux.
In 2002 he started with a capsule collection of mono earrings, initially sold under the brand Calla and showcased in major stores such as Penelope in Brescia or United Arrows in Japan.

Later on, Carla started producing pair earrings and necklaces, increasing its collection every year more.

With the past of time, the designer developed her distinctive trait, linked to the glamor of women such as Bianca Jagger and Talitha Getty.

The Carla Perretti collections stand out for their work on materials and construction techniques, performed exclusively by hand and increasingly complex.

The chains used are often originals of the seventies, constant period of inspiration, and are treated so as to preserve their lived allure.

Thus timeless, recognizable but wearable pieces born.
Another source of inspiration is Brazil, which is reflected in the choice to use natural fibers and seeds, deprived of any ethnic connotation, become sophisticated and unusual elements.
Some Italian actresses and socialites such as Valeria Golino, Valentina Cervi and Matgherita Missoni wore the Carla Perretti bijoux.

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