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61,48 €
beautiful Chiara Fini pendants with pads sequins in sea green, salmon, lilac and multicolored stones made in Italy, produced by Italian craftsmanship

64,75 € 51,80 €
Handmade pendant earrings with tourmaline stones Handmade in Italy by Milan designer Viola Pisenti pouch fabric

46,72 € 42,05 €
Precious oval pendant MAJO earrings in polished bronze with black resin insert Made in Italy, handmade processing  earrings length 7,5cm pin closure, oval cover lobe cotton and leather case 

61,48 €
Bright light blue pendant earrings with decorated glass pendants Handmade in Italy

45,08 € 40,57 €
Shiny oval Majo pendants in polished bronze and brick red enamel insert pin closure, polished bronze back Made in Italy, craftsmanship length 7cm

48,36 € 29,02 €
Playful earrings with cherry and leaf  Created by craftsmen in Italy by historical jewelry brand Ornella Milano hook closure they go with the necklace with crew-neck cherries

42,62 € 25,57 €
Delicate MAJO oval polished bronze earrings with brown enamel front insert handcrafted length 4 cm, pin closure with bronze lobo cover Made in Italy

40,16 € 24,10 €
MAJO pendants with red brick resin insert Made in Italy, craftsmanship Hand made, hand painted length earrings 3 cm pin closure

36,89 € 29,51 €
Pendant earrings Les jeux des dames with white tourmalines and golden nuggets Made in Italy by Viola Pisenti designer earrings lenght 7 cm rosary processing technique
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