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Volants Volant

VOLANTS VOLANT is a young all-female brand with a sparkling and "couture" style.

Tailor-made rouches (pardon, volants)rest gently on pochettes and sachets with fresh vichy patterns, tweeds and colored wool.

Some of them are sometimes embellished with embroideries of funny and lucky words, hand-made with skilful craftsmanship.

The production is entirely "zero kilometer" in a mini-Italian creative supply chain.

Inspiration derives from the summers in Versilia, the evening "struscio" through the streets of the city center, the small bars at the
aperitif time with the tables outside where the handbags with the "spritz": as well as something deliciously frou-frou that peeps every time you open the bag.

Irresistible like a bunch of cherries and inviting as a table set with delicacies, the VOLANTS VOLANT accessories will give a special twist to each dress.

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