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Atelier Carta Bianca

An object can be much more than a simple object.
It may be an idea that becomes reality.
It can be a dream to get lost in..and find ourself again.

Thinking of an object, handshaping it, spending time with it, and watching it finished is magical.

Federica Masini, architect, personally designs handmade paper manufactures. with curiosity, precision, passion and a touch of magic, she packs small dreams using this material as light as the clouds.

Paper is a fascinating material, which it is possible to create completely different atmospheres. This feature brings the atelier to look for each project, the purity of the result through a careful design process and the care of manual labor.

Simplicity, the combination of materials with different origins, the attention to details, customization, handmade caring, are the main features of the work in the atelier.

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