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Miriam Nori

Miriam Nori's aesthetic universe is based on the choice of preferring bronze, for surprising and innovative material effects.

The jewels are characterized by a contemporary, fluid and elegant taste, with the bronze material that creates a circular bond between itself, the artist, the time and the wearer.

A bronze jewel in fact, first polished at its creation, waits for the patina of time to evolve its natural beauty through use and contact with the skin.

Both the atelier and the production workshop of Miriam Nori are in Umbria, for "a fast zero-km art".

The creative and production chain are therefore entirely made in Italy, starting from high quality raw materials and craftsmanship.

The designer boasts awards and collaborations in focus with designers in the fashion industry, such as Malloni, Liviana Conti and many others.

We Naviganti e Sognatori have selected this delicate jewelry with a strong symbolic and affective value, which recall the childhood and the age of games: rings with circle, bells pendants, necklaces with clouds and houses, as well as bracelets with cute fish or a radiant sun.

The attention to detail in the creations of Miriam Nori is also in the delicious stone boxes hosting each jewel.

Miriam Nori long pendant necklace with a polished bronze bell pendant made in Italy, handmade product painted by hand lucky-charm gift idea

55,74 €
Miriam Nori necklace with polished bronze chain link and bell pendant made in Italy original design

72,13 €
Miriam Nori bracelet in polished bronze with maxi sun pendant made in Italy, handmade product one size
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