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Barbara Mogni

From Asti (Piedmont), 1966, after studies of art at the Accademia di Brera and collaborations with the architect Guarene, in 2000 Barbara Mogni founded BAMBU', a company that takes its name from its first collection based on the use of “sea bamboo”.

Always passionate about beauty (thanks to her mother’s boutique) Barbara today carries out her business in a small atelier in the historic center of Asti: a poetic location in which she combines her work of artisanal production of collections for shops with creation of personalized bijoux for demanding customers.

Since her first creations, Barbara showed a strong passion for the Orient: Harmony and Delicacy of the shapes, in addition to the passion for the Red color, which still stands out in the middle of all her Grays.

His jewelry is totally personally handmade in Italy with great attention to detail: from the packaging studied to the smallest details, to the careful selection of materials, for a need not to leave anything to chance.

And so, rings with crystals and pendants-tassels flourishes, minimal-chic earrings with pearls and semi-precious stones, as well as delicate bead bracelets accompanied by Vichy cotton bookmarks.

48,36 €
trio of earrings BARBARA MOGNI to mix with pleasure with crystals and tourmalines in red and purple made in Italy, dragonfly pendant in brass handcrafted creation the pendant one is 7,5 cm, pin closure the other two earrings have closure with a nun and...

38,52 €
dangling earrings Barbara Mogni in burnished brass with a dark red pendant made in Italy, handmade product

30,33 €
Barbara Mogni bracelet with double strand of beads and burnished brass mesh made in Italy, craft creation

22,13 €
Barbara Mogni ring in burnished brass with stones + tassel pendant made in Italy, craft creation one size

22,13 €
Barbara Mogni ring with gray tassel and pendants made in Italy, craft creation one size

22,13 €
Barbara Mogni ring with gray tassel and trio of pendants in semiprecious stones made in Italy, craft creation one size
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