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Maddalena Olivi

Maddalena from the Bottega del Legatore of Reggio Emilia, an art teacher, born in '69, grew up breathing the smell of paper. Creative family, father brocanteur, mother binder, brother musician, since several years Maddalena Olivi is the owner and soul of the craft workshop in the heart of the historic center, including shops of antiquity, modernism and things of the past.

Here, after having tied, wrapped and glued albums, boxes and diaries to learn this art, Maddalena took the scissors and colors, and made by herself. She tore up and sewed the paper, zigzagged the edges, glued printed paper cuttings found in Northern Europe, articulated words with his Letter 22 and composed writings with old typographic characters.

All those things filled her boxes, albums, diaries, folders, notebooks, with a personal imprint and out of the canons. Until one day Maddalena's drawings began to appear on covers and tickets. Thin characters leaning on a thread of ink, just watercolors, human or animal, fixed with a word or a phrase. Among the main protagonists is a long woman, with a fluffy hair, a heroine of a female world that looks in the mirror with irony, "if I go I do not go back," and that is reassures itself, "beautiful inside and beautiful outside".

Maddalena's little women are in her notebooks, small blocks, small notebooks and greeting cards with ironic and clever writing, ideal to put in the bag or to be shown on the desk. The entire stationery collection of MADDALENA OLIVI is strictly hand-drawn, created and bound with craftsmanship and therefore represents Italian creative excellence.

7,30 €
notebook MADDALENA OLIVI "girls in shape" with cover illustrated by hand drawing made in Italy width 12cm, height 17 cm cream paper, free pages

7,30 €
"free time" notebook MADDALENA OLIVI with maxi polka dots made in Italy, handcrafted width 12cm, height 17 cm cream colored pages, free pages

34,43 €
shopping bag MADDALENA OLIVI micro net with double handle with polka dots and lavender original designer's pattern made in Italy, unlined, label sewn on the handle, available from early April, can be booked through pre-order width 37 cm, height 40 cm(...

6,23 €
Maddalena Olivi red notebook "storie di baci" (stories of kisses) made in Italy

7,38 €
lovely notebook of the week Maddalena Olivi cream beige color made in Italy, printed on hand drawing length 10 cm, height 21 cm perpetual internal planning gift idea

4,02 €
Maddalena Olivi bag mirror with lips design and "un filo di rossetto” sign made in Italy, handmade product
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