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ABSTRACTALES is an all-Italian creative project by the talented MAKI HASEGAWA, a Japanese illustrator who has been living and working in Milan since 1999.

The poetic universe of Maki is made of delicate silhouettes painted in watercolor: animals, travel memories, fairy-tale characters, little women depicted in everyday life situations.

So, they hide greeting cards, calendars, notepads, writing sets finely illustrated with trees, fruit, small toys and delicate decorative elements.

Each notebook, for example, is accompanied by a bookmark in the same pattern, while each set of writing paper has closing stickers and sheets entirely painted in watercolor with leaves, fruit and small animals.

The intent of Maki is to search and transmit, through a picture, the small joys in the beauties of life.

We Naviganti e Sognatori have fallen in love with its slight but precise trait and attention to each detail: his hand-crafted notebooks - handmaded with love in Italy - are a must as a gift!

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