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Chiara Fini

Each Chiara Fini’s creation shows an accurate search for Beauty, Harmony, and Sense of the color through combinations of precious fabrics with semi-precious stones and unearthed jewelry with creative intuition: everything is made and sewn by hand with lurex threads and sequins.

Thanks to her personal intuition and to a "genetic predisposition inherited from her mother and grandmother, always passionate about needle and thread", Chiara first approaches window dressing and then the world of bijoux.

His accessories are all unique pieces, cared in every detail, with a strong allure couture. Its brooches, for example, are characterized by embroideries with incrustation of relief stones portraying good luck or short sentences with joyful messages.

His earrings, small masterpieces made with pastille sequins and multicolored crystals, stand out for their refined taste and for the splendid combinations of iridescent and feminine shades.

Choosing and wearing one of her bijoux means renouncing homologation and mass production, in favor of a small marvel made in Italy.

48,36 €
Chiara Fini band bracelet in orange and beige color with multicolored crystals applied by hand made in Italy, sewn and embroidered by hand the bracelet is made of striped and hand draped gros-grain ribbons knot closure logo pendant in blue resin length...

50,82 €
Entirely hand-made earrings Chiara Fini with sequin pads in salmon and pink colors made in Italy, craftsmanship

61,48 €
beautiful Chiara Fini pendants with pads sequins in sea green, salmon, lilac and multicolored stones made in Italy, produced by Italian craftsmanship
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