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Tolemaide was founded in 2001 and since the beginning it distinguished in the production of jewels of slight romanticism and a sober essentiality.

In contrast to the emptiness of fashion, feminine vanities of retro fascination are celebrated in every creation, together with the recovery of the “objet trouve”, of trinkets and pendants juxtaposed to art.

The leitmotiv that characterizes every jewel is the use of manually modeled terracotta where, to recover gestures of ancient slowness and precious craftsmanship, the imperfections and cracks are praised as ironic echoes of the chaos and the disorder of life.

In every jewel are preferred diaphanous, dusty and faint colors like "petal", "hydrangea", "sage", "glace", "basil": typical non-colors that return their melancholy natural referents in a dreamlike way.

Tolemaide ring with ceramic marble raspberry red made in Italy, craftsmanship

Delightful TOLEMAIDE ring with a large ceramic green mint marble made in Italy, craftsmanship Handmade One size, adjustable measure brushed brass, handmade ceramic
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