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Marina Fossati

The Milanese brand MARINA FOSSATI was founded in the early '70s and since then its creations are rigorously handmade with passion, using crystals, resins and colored stones with a glamorous and original effect.

The companies of ALTA MODA and the most famous magazines of the sector use the creations of MARINA FOSSATI for photographic services or commission ad hoc bijoux to accompany the outfits of the collections.

31,15 €
parrot brooch MARINA FOSSATI in resin and bunches of yellow pads made in Italy, handcrafted accessory width 7cm, height 7,5cm closing on the back

30,33 €
delicious MARINA FOSSATI brooch in precious bakelite with a bunch of stylized grapes. made in Italy, handcrafted accessory length 4cm, height 6,5cm closing on the back
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