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Sassi Carta Forbice

Sassi carta forbice is a laboratory of ideas, a store and a social project since May 2010. "Sassi" because the collection of clothes is our style. "Carta" because it is' the raw material of ideas. "Forbici" because it is a tool designed for the hands that create. Sassi carta forbice because it is a challenge. It is the challenge of the Cooperativa Sociale Ergonauti and its entities, first of all the tailor’s shop Il Gelso di Torino.

The Au Petit Bonjour collection, entirely designed and produced in Italy, includes basic items in soft cotton jersey, like t-shirts and dresses designed to caress the body, in pastel colors as well as classic blue and gray. In some cases, the collection meets Oxford blue, white and pink cotton for pleasant and delicate chromatic effects.

The collection is enriched by a small selection of bijoux and sets of Liberty cotton pins or witty phrases, for girls of all ages who do not take themselves too seriously.

The Au petit bonheur line is the first commercial experience of "Liberi tutti", a Turin social cooperative that since 2003 - through workshops for the exchange between young creative people and small towns in the Barriera area of Milan - creates fashion and design accessories as a new tool for social, cultural and economic promotion.

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Comfy t-shirt in soft and fresh jersey cotton with contrasting border 3/4-length sleeves Made in Italy by craftsmen and dressmakers from Turin
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