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MV % Ceramics design

Mariavera Chiari, was born in Milan to Ligurian parents. She became an architect in 1971. With a passion for ceramics since childhood, already at the age of 12 she attended a course in clay sculpture, trying to reproduce the beautiful Babylonian tablets with cuneiform writing.
After graduating from the Polytechnic of Milan and years of working in the studio of Cino Zucchi and in a construction site on the French Riviera with the 'Parisian architect Silvina Boissonas, she created her brand MV% CERAMICS DESIGN in 2002 with which she gave life to a collection of ceramics for table and home.
In 2002 she opened her own studio in Alzaia Naviglio Grande 156, where architectural projects and creating ceramics coexist, computers and oven sit next to each other.
With her first creation, the ESPRESSO cups with spoon ceramic, Mariavera took part in the Salon Maison & Objet in Paris and immediately stores from all around the world became interested in her collection which began to be sold from Paris to Tokyo, from Vienna to New York.

In addition to the ESPRESSO cups, Mariavera has created eclectic and original creations, like tables with glazed ceramic tops with motifs inspired by fabrics, letters for writing on walls and vegetables to be hanged in the kitchen.
Amongst the latest additions, a plate with train rails, dedicated to her son Giulio and teacups with sugar stirring straw.
Since January 2002, twice a year, she has taken part in the Salon Maison & Objet in Paris and from here she receives orders for her creations from stores all around the world.

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