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Majo is a company which was founded in 2000 in Terni and it is characterized by the refined and understated style of its accessories.
The name comes from the great hammer of the Società delle Fucine, which used to be a steel plant of global significance at the beginning of the last century.
As mallet represented the main centre where life and sense of belonging to the community was focused, in the same way in the Majo brand there is a community which believes in being rather than appearing.
The company philosophy is based on values of craftsmanship, excellent raw materials and Italian industry.
The Majo products harmoniously combine the ancient know-how craftsmanship with a contemporary and eclectic minimalist flavour.
This results in original collections which are distinguished and hard to imitate.

The bags are created from a careful selection of leathers followed by a thorough preparation of the strips.
Then, the “shell” is realized and begins to be worked upon exactly like a vase.
The artisan sews the strip of leather overlapping the edge and depending on its sensitivity: he pulls or releases the material, thus the shell begins to take shape.
To achieve this ability a long experience is required.
Thanks to this process, each shell that becomes a bag is different from the others and this is what gives enormous value to the product.
The jewellery is created in a laboratory in the ancient historic city centre of Terni, adjacent to the district of the old artisan shops.
Natural materials such as pewter, bronze and copper are forged and shaped by skilled craftsmen: bright and alive metal, that is sometimes joined with madrepores, agates and crystal beads to create a fashion jewellery which is rich with charm and poetry.

105,74 €
Delicious MAJO polished bronze necklace with glossy bronze pads and cream enamel Made in Italy, craftsmanship Hand-painted enamel pads closure with carabiner, logo tab diameter of pads 4 cm and 3 cm

62,30 €
MAJO earrings with double paddle degradé clip closure Made in Italy, handcrafted length 6 cm packed in a cotton box

46,72 €
Precious oval pendant MAJO earrings in polished bronze with black resin insert Made in Italy, handmade processing  earrings length 7,5cm pin closure, oval cover lobe cotton and leather case 

45,08 €
Shiny oval Majo pendants in polished bronze and brick red enamel insert pin closure, polished bronze back Made in Italy, craftsmanship length 7cm

42,62 €
Delicate MAJO oval polished bronze earrings with brown enamel front insert handcrafted length 4 cm, pin closure with bronze lobo cover Made in Italy

40,16 €
MAJO pendants with red brick resin insert Made in Italy, craftsmanship Hand made, hand painted length earrings 3 cm pin closure

104,92 €
MAJO necklace in polished bronze with twisted rope  Double medal in pistachio+emerald enamel and insert with "processing box" technique carabiner closure and bronze logo label worn necklace length 48 cm Made in Italy, handmade product
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