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Finally Le Sardine are here!!!

"The project of Le was born in 2013 from an idea of three creative friends, travellers as interested in the world as they were of local tradition. Le Sardine swim in a sea of stimuli with the simplicity of nature, close to each other so as to form a compact shoal thus obscuring the sea. So, recovering fabrics of typical Italian and Ligurian tradition, these fresh and contemporary bags are created together with fashion jewellery inspired by the sea. The Mandillo bag owes its name to a handkerchief formerly used in Liguria for grocery shopping which was in fact called, Mandillo.

It is a traditional piece of cotton canvas 90x100 cm with which the common women carried food, goods, vessels and anchovies. This bundle would be used several times over, for many years remaining the only affordable bag. Le Sardine has reinforced the image of this product and of its region through the filing of the Italian Patent of use, also highlighting the ecological aspect. In 2014 it created a similar bag, but this time used the Genoese mezzaro. The mazzaro or mezzaro has existed since the thirteenth century and consists of a square of cotton or linen fabric printed with drawings of trees. Its arrival in Genoa is owed to the merchants of the East India Company in the seventeenth century. It was also used in the furnishing of Noble palaces.
Le Sardine has achieved great success and publications in Italian Marie Claire, Vanity, Elle, La Stampa, for their casual and refined style. The Le Sardine products are also at the Ceramics Museum of Savona, as an example of handmade importance for our area. We at Naviganti e Sognatori have chosen them because they remind us of the days at the beach, a style full of poetry and colour, but above all because we want to tell a story of three girls for which  "Creativity saved lives."

28,69 €
LESARDINE.COM coin purse fish-shaped cream white+yellow striped made in Italy unlined, zip closure, metal eyelet, length 28 cm(excluding eyelet), height 15 cm perfect for the bike, and to be hanging from the MANDILLO BAG original

28,69 €
LESARDINE.COM horizontal fish bag with light blue stripes made in Italy, dark blue zip closure unlined, wrist loop/bag in metal length 28cm(excluding eyelet), height 15cm perfect for the bike, and to be hanging from the Mandillo bag

54,10 € handbag in cotton maxi vichy pattern red + dark blue denim made in Italy, craftsmanship
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